Captured by John Mill


There are three different categories (or sections) for the competition. Each member can enter Set Subject and just one of the other two categories as per their skill level and choice. 


Set Subject (one entry) 

This section is open to all members with a single entry per competition. Entries in this section must comply with the definition, and the subject, or theme, must be dominant in the photograph. While an entry in Set Subject can undergo standard post-processing, it must be an original photograph, taken and processed by the member, where minor elements may be removed but nothing can be added. e.g. no textures, composite or montage images. For clarity Set Subject images may be bracketed (HDR), stacked (focus stacking) or stitched (panorama) if taken at the same time and place and with the same subject. 


Open Subject (two entries maximum) 

This section is for photographers reasonably confident with their photography. Images in this section can be manipulated to any level as long as each element is photographic and ALL aspects of the image, including post-production, have been produced by the submitting member. 


Enthusiast Section(two entries maximum) 

This section is for new club members and photographers who consider they are still improving on their skill and not wanting to compete at a higher level. For current members a guideline would be those who entered most or all competitions the previous year and scored less than 50 points overall. If the photography of an Enthusiast member is determined by the GEM committee to be of too high a standard for that section, he or she may be asked to change to Open Section. Contact the Exhibition Director if you are unsure before submitting any entries. 


Members must nominate as either Open OR Enthusiast Section and submit entries to only one of these sections. 


Entry Criteria and Rules 

  1. Entry is restricted to financial members of GEM Camera Club. 
  2. All elements of an image need to be photographic in origin and captured/created by the submitting photographer, including all developing/post production, within the 2-year period before the closing date for entries of the competition. 
  3. Once an entry has gained a Gold, Silver or Bronze place in a club competition, it cannot be re-entered in future club competitions. 
  4. Designed to prevent a member submitting what is virtually the same image in multiple GEM competitions, similar images of the same subject, taken within a short time span (minutes), cannot be entered into the same competition. This will also apply to those same images in subsequent competitions if the original gets a Gold, Silver or Bronze. 
  5. Your entry does not breach ANY law, including, but not limited to, laws relating to use of drones and minors. 
  6. Images cannot be watermarked or logo embedded. 
  7. Files must contain their metadata with full EXIF data so that the date of capture can be confirmed. 
  8. File Specifications Digital Images 
    • Images to be sized no more than 1920 pixels wide AND no more than 1080 pixels high 
    • Resolution is 72 -150 ppi (pixels per inch) 
    • Maximum file size shall be 3 MB (3000 KB) 
    • The colour space for all entries to be sRGB 
    • The file format is to be JPEG 
  9. The image files must be correctly labelled in the following format: 
    • Entrant’s first name, surname, category, number (if Open or Enthusiast), month and year. For example, Joe_Citizen_Enthusiast_2_February_2018 
    • Each word is to be separated by an underscore 
  10. Deadline: Images MUST be uploaded to the GEM website by midnight on the Wednesday prior to the competition (One week before). Images submitted after this time may not be considered for that competition. 


If you have any difficulty or require clarification please contact the Exhibition Director via email at 


Scoring System 

The following points are awarded for each entry in the nominated Sections. 

  • Each entry submitted = 1 point 
  • Bronze = 2 points 
  • Silver = 4 points 
  • Gold = 6 points 

At the end of year there will be the following winner categories, based on the most points awarded throughout the year. 

  • Enthusiast Photographer of the Year – eligible to members who nominate and enter in this section at the start of the year, and maintain entries in this section throughout the year 
  • GEM Photographer of the Year – eligible to members who nominate and enter in the Open Section. Those who upgrade from Enthusiast to Open Section during the year are eligible, as long as their ultimate point tally for Open is greater than their Enthusiast tally. 
  • Photograph of the Year for each section, selected from the Gold winners in that section. 
  • Overall Photograph of the Year will be chosen from the three winning photographs. 
  • As well there are awards for the leading point scorers in each of the three categories, Enthusiast, Open and Set Subject.
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