"Daviesia Cordata" by Paul Bastian - 3rd Place (Macro Category)
"Bee" by Sophie Burdett - 2nd Place (Macro Category)
"Water Drop" by Lesley Halligan - 1st Place (Macro Category)
"Hey There!" by Sheree Allsop - 3rd Place (Animals/Bird Category)
"Second helping For Three" by Darryl Collett - 2nd Place (Animals/Bird Category)
"Hammerheads" by Jason Matz - 1st Place (Animals/Bird Category)
"Kalamunda Bush Dreams" by Carolyn Toleman - 3rd Place (City of Kalamunda Category)
"Whistlepipe Wander" by Nathan Dobbie - 2nd Place (City of Kalamunda Category)
"Sunset at the Zig Zag" by Lynne Dullard - 1st Place (City of Kalamunda Category)
"Tower Bridge" by Aaron Gibbons - 3rd Place (Open Category)
"Agile Spinebill" by Vikrant Deshpande- 2nd Place (Open Category)
"Interrupted Rhythm" by Carolyn Toleman- 1st Place (Open Category)
"Tracks" by Naomi Reed - 3rd Place (Scapes Category)
"Cracked Earth" by Jason Matz - 2nd Place (Scapes Category)
"Thistle Cove" by Nathan Dobbie - 1st Place (Scapes Category)

In 2009, members of the GEM Camera Club Inc. started the competition to enable amateur photographers within Western Australia to enter a photographic competition. In 2012, the exhibition moved to the Zig Zag Gallery in Kalamunda. The competition has been well supported over the years, and all amateur photographers within WA are encouraged to enter

Entries are open to all amateur photographers of any age.

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